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about Gloss Design

Gloss Design is an Italian atelier specialized in providing Design and Research and Development solutions,   founded by Architect  Stefano Carugno.

Class 1970, Carugno graduated in late 90s, showing as thesis the design of an ultra-light aircraft built in advanced composite materials.  After his graduation he started his professional career within the most renowned Car Design centers, such as Pininfarina and IDeA Institute, to mention a few, participating in several projects in automotive Design, Product Design, Interiors and Architecuture.

In the following years he extended his relationships with companies and R&D centers in Italy and Europe; he has been involved as contractor researcher with the Architecture University of Pescara and with other private universities in Italy, carrying out research and teaching activities as well as training in private companies in automotive field.

From this intensive and consolidated experiences Gloss Design has taken shape and strength, today boasting partners and clients in Europe, United States, China, India, Arab Emirates, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Israel, Australia and Brazil;  having completed several design projects in different areas, developed and accompanied from the concept phase up to the final technical definition and production.

Gloss Design still collaborates with the BMW and AUDI groups style centers for the 3d  CAS and CLASS A modelling of interior and exterior designs of concept cars and production vehicles.

In the marine field Gloss Design has taken part in the design of over 25 vessels between 6m and 60m long, already built and successfully launched, in addition to countless research concepts and preliminary designs.

Important is the experience in the design of "commercial" boats such as Patrol Boats and Ferries as well as fast sport boats. For these projects Gloss Design works in close cooperation with the most established professionals in the fields of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

Today, in fact, Gloss Design acts within a network of trusted and effective partnerships able to deliver to customers not just the design consultancy, but a complete turnkey solution, going from the definition of marketing and commercial strategies up to the production, project management, development of the supply chain for whatever is needed: prototyping, pre-production, one-off or serial production.


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