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Ghost Yachts used its Ghost G180 platform for their first hybrid yacht. Its fast displacement hull offers the required efficiency to operate a large yacht with a relatively modest propulsion power. The smart Hybrid system have proven to be a perfect combination for a sustainable and efficient yacht.

The Ghost G180 is propelled by two completely new electric Propulsors of 750kw each. These high efficiency hubless steerable pods have an integrated electric motor and eliminate the need for propeller shafts and rudders. The Hybrid setup result in an extremely silent and vibration free propulsion system, which can be operates in different modes ranging from battery only to full hybrid operation. 

Length over all: 55,00 m / 180ft
Beam: 9,20 m / 30ft
Draught (fully loaded): 3,00 m / 9,84ft
Displacement: app. 755 tons
Gross tonnage: app. 670GT
Fuel tank capacity: 74.000 l / 19.500 gal
Fresh water: 18.000 l / 4750 gal
Cruising speed: app. 15.5 knots
Range: app. 4.500 nm @ 13 knots

Guest accommodations - 12 
Crew accommodations - 12+Captain

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