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The Efficient Utility VESsel (EUVES) is the most technically advanced day cruiser on the water. Gloss Design has created a sustainable solution for commercial and recreational activities.

Available with a multitude of options and configurations, the  EUVES 31 / Efficient Utility VESsel / is the first in the family of highly versatile and adaptable modular designed catamaran. Eco-conscious design for an eco-luxury experience.

The Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran Hull allows for an incredible reduction of fuel consumption and an extremely smooth ride in all the sea states. This particular hydrofoil technology combines the advantages of a monohull in terms of seakeeping and comfort, with a reduction of hydrodinamic resistance of over 30%

When we created the EUVES we wanted something that could serve many purposes and be something that would enhance the quality of the user experience.
We wanted a space that could be transformed and become adaptable in whatever role it would play. One platform many uses, and they all are gentle to the environment. Practical and forward thinking 

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